Agent Program

TelcoLynx provides Master Agent services and resources for agents, consultants and vendors interested in providng carrier services to their clients.  The TelcoLynx Agent Program offers the following benefits:

  • Aggressive Commission Plan- We offer a tiered agent program with Referral Agent, Partner Agent and Independent Agent options depending on your level of responsibility.
  • Comprehensive Agent Portal- Agent Central is the primary site for all your pricing, contracting, ordering, commissions, training and business networking needs.
  • Extensive Carrier Knowledge- TelcoLynx' support team has over 40 year experience with AT&T, Level3, CenturyLink and many other carrier sales and back office processes.
  • Powerful Agent Tool- TelcoLynx offers a streamlined quote system, RPM online commissions, as well as project management for complex orders.

If you would like additional information or would like to obtain the necessary documentation to partner with TelcoLynx, please Click Here