Links to and Supporting documentation for (User Guides, Release Notes, etc.) for Price/Propose/Contract systems.

Access Line & Plexar Pricing Tool -  04.06.09 - SW

Bundler Tools & Calculators - Centrex, CompleteLink, Custom Biz Saver, SimpleLink, etc. Bundler/Calculator tools

CSR Requests: Click Here

SMART: Login Here

GCSM: Login Here Must access via SMART - this link will route you to SMART A web based system for Design, Price, Proposal, Contracting and MDS ordering of services like AVTS, AT&T DSL Internet Service, EVPN, MIS, MPLS VPN, AT&T Managed Firewall Service - Network based and Premise based, BVoIP, etc..

ECATS: For SPs to obtain a copy of a SBC contract, they should complete the attached request form.

BLOOPY II: Login Here Business Loopy is a qualification tool for determining availability of BellSouth Fast Access Business DSL at one or more customer locations. Bloopy II is able to qualify and report on multiple locations and lines for a customer, as well as the speeds for which each line qualifies, by simply searching on a business name, tie code, zip code, or a single customer telephone number. Bloopy II can only search for and qualify business lines (1FBS, Centrex, ESSX or Multiserve).

PANDA: Login Here (SE Users Only) For use by southeast states users that are implementing changes to existing Complex BellSouth Long Distance services ONLY.  This link will provide users with SSO to PANDA, click to be re-routed to PANDA

QPT: Login Here The Quick Pricing Tool (QPT) is a pricing application for IT National Data products and services. UPDATE: QPT has now migrated to Global Login! With this change the QPT specific UserID and Password will no longer be used. Instead, SPs will use the same ID and password they use to access SPOT. This will simplify UserID requests for Channel Managers and provide one less pain point for SPs as they can streamline their password lists.

ABN Pricing Master Suite Tool: Click Here 12.10.09  - RBM ABN Pricing Master Suite is a new single portal when pricing multiple ABN eligible products: (ABN-LD, ABN-Access/Data, ABN-Local, ABN IP/MIS, Toll Free Advanced Features). The tool will generate multiple Authority to Quote (ATQ), including Common Customer Data, ABN Products Components with Gross List Rates, Discount Percentages and Discount Net Rates. Solution Providers - now are able to access.

SPOT: Login Here

AT&T Wireless Online Ordering and Contract Request Tool: Login Here

CDST: Login Here Must access via SMART - this link will route you to SMART. CDST can be used to complete the following tasks: 1. Find a valid NPA-NXX based on a physical address (new construction for example). 2. Identify Legacy AT&T's provisioning interval (single site or multiple sites at once). 3. Identify if a site is "On-Net" (AT&T fiber) 4. Find Legacy AT&T's local footprint (ABN local or "Prime" standalone local) service availability checks (single site or multiple sites at once). 5. Identify Legacy AT&T's Local Calling Area (pull a list of all NPA-NXX's that are considered "local" and/or "Intra" call types).

myCSP: Login Here Must access via SPOT (System & Tools > Resources > myCSP.  Use myCSP to access all current wireless data / voice rate plans and wireless device information.

OLR Order Tool: Login Here Must access via SPOT (System & Tools > Order/Implement Systems > OLR Order Tool.