Technical People: Looking for something new and interesting outside of a plain old vanilla job with plain old vanilla technology? Do massive amounts of hardware and bandwidth, as well as the chance to work with current technology get you excited? Want bosses that aren’t non-technical idiots? Hate lists of endless rhetorical questions like this? If your answer was yes to the above, consider working for TelcoLynx. In all of our technical positions, we value highly intelligent self-starters with solid experience in enterprise/carrier technology development and integration. Open source software experience is also highly valued.


Sales People: We offer the ability to work on large, diverse and complex sales projects and compensate you with a generous commission structure as well as the benefits listed below. Our ideal sales candidate is someone who can grasp complex technical concepts and leverage a deep technical knowledge of the platform to help our partners better spot sales opportunities and match our products’ capabilities with customers’ requirements. Thus, solid sales and marketing experience with enterprise and carrier grade platforms is highly valued.

We offer the following benefits:

  • Competitive salary with medical and dental insurance coverage.
  • A quiet, comfortable, and informal work environment with flex-time hours. Employees get three weeks vacation, and overtime/weekend work is discouraged.
  • On the software development front, a Scrum-based development model that employs certain XP practices.
  • Very minimal travel requirements for software development staff.
  • 4 hours per week where employees may work on their own self-directed activities such as experimental technology demos, open-source hacking, blogging, or simply catching up on the newest technology.
  • Proper equipment to get the job done: New, high-end laptops/desktops as well as three 24″ displays for each developer.
  • The chance to work with a diverse and exciting mix of technology. TelcoLynx is built on the same kind of software that powers organizations such as Google, Yahoo, NASA, and YouTube — technologies like Python, Linux, Sun MySQL Cluster, the OpenSER SIP proxy, lighttpd, and so on. You know, fun stuff.
  • An environment that values true excellence, feedback and constructive criticism: We’re all big boys and girls, and we expect you to argue with us about the best way to design and implement things. It’s all about building a company of the smartest folks we can find, and making the best, most useful technology possible.

Currently we have no explicit job openings, and will post jobs here as they become available, as well as on relevant community mailing lists. Nonetheless, we are always looking forward to hear from smart, talented, and interested people. Please feel free to submit your resume to jobs [at], along with a short description of why you’d be a good match for what we’re doing over here at TelcoLynx.