Strategic Workshop: Cloud Infrastructure Assessment Workshop    



Today’s IT Infrastructure organizations are under enormous pressure to deliver more business value, faster, while still ensuring a highly available and performing platform. The challenges of adopting a new cloud platform while maintaining the existing seem daunting. There will likely be changes to required skills, organization, and operational processes; as well as the technical and operational details of migration to a new platform. During a Cloud Infrastructure Assessment Workshop, World Wide Technology (TelcoLynx) Cloud Computing Experts will show you exactly how cloud platforms can enable scalable policy-based deployment to any cloud with fully‐integrated, pre‐tested and unified networking, compute, storage, security and virtualization components from best‐in‐class solution providers. We will explore your current strategic goals and computing infrastructure, provide a vendor‐neutral overview of available public and private cloud platform options, including FlexPod™, Vblock™ and customized solutions, as well as proven best practices for efficiently and proactively managing capacity and security through cloud computing.


Every organization faces the challenge to deliver faster, less expensive, yet high quality services to their business and organization. The primary objective of this workshop is to illustrate how your organization can adopt cloud computing to streamline infrastructure lifecycle and consumption, reduce data center complexity, and enhance security and lower costs with a cloud infrastructure platform. A key step is recognizing current IT capabilities and understanding the rate of change the organization can sustain.

TelcoLynx cloud computing experts will partner with your team to determine how your cloud strategy compliments the existing services provided by your current IT infrastructure, and the approach for enhancement through cloud service enablement.

In this two to six-week on-site engagement, we will collaboratively develop a detailed organization-specific plan including business drivers, KSI’s, CSF’s, current and future state. This includes an infrastructure technology assessment, application usage profiles and gap analysis of current and target state. Discussion of the analysis, your business objectives and cloud strategy will lead to a pragmatic, actionable, prioritized plan for cloud adoption and migration, with an implementation timeline.


This Assessment workshop provides a detailed, vendor neutral overview of available solutions and the steps required to virtualize your infrastructure with a cloud infrastructure platform. You’ll work directly with TelcoLynx Cloud Computing experts to discuss your organization’s strategic goals and challenges, and learn how TelcoLynx can help you address those issues by planning, designing, piloting, implementing and properly scaling a cloud infrastructure platform into production for your enterprise or agency.

At the end of this workshop, you’ll understand both the business benefits and architectural components of cloud infrastructure platforms and become familiar with a variety of solution options that can easily scale to meet multiple requirements including delivery of IT as a service.

TelcoLynx’s guided approach to best practices across multiple cloud platforms helps you to make the most informed decision to provide maximum value to your business. Increase your IT departments agility, speed to deployment and cost effectiveness. Determine appropriate reductions and consolidations to deliver innovative and flexible infrastructure deployments to your business application owners. Identify capacity bottlenecks to quickly burst to hybrid cloud scenarios for seasonal or business specific peak performance needs. Provide application development teams quick self-service access to new development or testing platforms and the ability to fail-fast or accelerate innovation.