Strategic Workshop: Cloud Strategy Workshop    



Information Technology (IT) agility, capital cost and operational expense are top of mind for today’s business decision makers. For enterprise‐scale organizations, innovation and marketplace success are being driven by ideas like cloud computing and big data, forcing changes in how IT is purchased, maintained and delivered.

TelcoLynx’s Cloud Strategy Workshop looks beyond the hype surrounding the latest IT trends and tools to demonstrate how our prescribed methodology, which incorporates people, process, technology and architecture, helps organizations capitalize on next‐generation data center technology. You’ll see first‐hand how TelcoLynx’s pragmatic approach increases business agility and contains IT costs by leveraging technologies such as automation, orchestration, converged infrastructure and unified architecture.

The workshop is a collaborative session that resets common marketplace perspectives on the overall cloud automation and orchestration space, converged infrastructure and accelerated cloud deployment methodology.”


A TelcoLynx Cloud Strategy Workshop is a two to four-hour session focused on the topics of cloud definition, marketplace, technologies and costs. The session is intended to level‐set “cloud” and provide strategic insight on skills, organization, processes, and technologies in which to invest and why. You will also gain an understanding of the services that TelcoLynx provides to support the evolution of your data center, including pre‐ and post‐sales assessments, technology integration, organizational alignment, packaged solutions and customized enterprise‐grade procurement outsourcing.


This workshop gives your organization the opportunity to discuss challenges faced in the data center, as well as IT goals and requirements for your organization’s cloud strategy with TelcoLynx’s certified experts, principal consultants, and Technical Solution Architects (TSAs). Attendees will obtain a clear understanding of TelcoLynx’s proven next‐generation data center methodologies and capabilities. We will level‐set expectations for enabling cloud computing and BYOD as well as address the challenges and opportunities regarding converged infrastructure. A follow‐up high‐level action plan may be provided in written format, based on the discussion’s key topics.