Remote Like a Pro


In the recent month more workers are beginning to take their jobs home. Most find themselves feeling happier, however see that it comes with some hurdles. Having trouble looking for ways to stay on task when your favorite couch and TV are just a footstep away?

We want your transition to be a successful one so to help you on your way we have prepared…


1)Dress to Impress…yourself!

Staying in pajamas is a surefire way to be less efficient. Before you sit down at your desk I challenge you dress in a button up with a nice pair of pants, socks, possibly go the extra mile with a tie. Use your creativity piece together clothes you normally don’t wear together, this will give you a chance to try out new styles, the worst that can happen is it looks bad, but chances are nobody will see you in it anyway. A final note, Prepare your outfit the night before so you don’t get tempted to stay in those comfy duds.


2)Make your phone a tool not a distraction

Grab your phone and set time slots on your calendar app. This will help you stay on track to getting your days’ work done. A useful app to do this would be the Calendars App. You can also set a 20-minute alarm to remind yourself to stand up and stretch so you can keep your body in a comfortable state. Take working from home for granted  download a meditation app (Headspace is the leading app)  to help keep your mind calm and collected throughout the day.


3)Clean your work space

Clutter is distracting, and research confirms that it can actually affect your ability to focus. Clean your desk and move it to a window. If your work space looks attractive so will your work ethic.  Create a welcoming atmosphere that will invite you to want to stay and work just a little longer. Here are some images to help inspire your customization. Keeping organized will also come with the benefits of reducing your stress, depression, help you sleep better and even help you lose weight!

4)Communication is Key

Don’t be afraid to reach out seven times to someone if there is radio silence. People get easily distracted working remote. If you feel like your over communicating you’re doing it right! When you finish a task give a progress update, this will keep projects rolling effectively.

5)Set your work life and personal life apart

The lines between work and play will tend to blur when working remote. When you take a break, you need to really take a break. Do something you enjoy. When playing with your kids don’t be answering emails. You will end up being less productive if you split your time in a sloppy, unorganized way. This will also come with the benefits of relaxation, less burnout, developing passion for your work, engagement and mindfulness.


Working remote is a wonderful thing,no commute, save money, custom environment. But it takes discipline to get it right. Hopefully these tips will keep you on your way to being a top tier worker. If you have any suggestions on how to remote work efficiently, please let us know in the comments!





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