TEM: Telecom Expense Management Best Practices


Organizations around the world are looking for reliable ways to cut costs out of the business and create greater efficiencies. One of the top five operational expenses for most organizations is telecom costs, which is why better telecom expense management (TEM) has an important role to play. TEM shouldn’t be treated in isolation but should be deeply intergrated into an organization’s overall IT governance strategy

TEM helps answer questions such as:

  • Do all the assets for which our service providers are invoicing us really belong to us?
  • Are we being charged for these services at the correct rates?
  • Have these charges changed since the last invoice? If so, by how much – and why?
  • Are there services that we don’t need any more, or are some of them duplicated?
  • Are the services we’re buying still fit for purpose and are we buying them at the best market prices?
  • Which employee and business unit are attached to the invoice and to whom should we allocate the cost?