RFP Creation & Management

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Developing an RFP for your corporation’s telecommunication services can be a complex and time-consuming process. On average, organizations spend six months completing a comprehensive analysis of their current and future communication requirements.  Time that is better spent completing mission critical projects for your organization.  In addition, understanding the constantly changing carrier landscape, new technology offerings and carrier capabilities is a necessary component of RFP due diligence often overlooked by many organizations.

With our vast industry expertise and over 150 vendor relationships, TelcoLynx can reduce that time to six to eight weeks with minimal consumption of your internal resources.  By leveraging our teams of 15+ years’ experience pricing and negotiating vendor services, we know how to get the lowest pricing and best contract terms from the best-of-breed vendors.

A few key things to think about that we always address in our pre-planning sessions that are common RFP mistakes made by telecom professionals, include:

  • Underestimating the amount of work needed to execute when creating an RFP
  • Not conducting a thorough audit of services to set the correct baseline
  • Improper scope of work to be performed/responsibilities
  • Failing to right-size the size of the organization to the size of the vendor
  • Not addressing terms of non-performance and/or corrective measures
  • Failure to begin with the end in mind

Audit, Inventory & Benchmarking

We conduct a billing audit of all telecom costs breaking down all services to their cost components and the provide a benchmark analysis to determine potential savings vs. what businesses with similar footprints are spending.

Solution Engineering & Design

Our engineering team will conduct a data gathering meeting to understand the future vision and roadmap and design a solution using best practices and emerging technologies.

RFP Creation & Development

The RFP team will develop a telecom RFP requesting critical specifications and pricing components to meet current and future business requirements

Vendor Selection

Our vendor specialist will conduct an assessment of vendors that can provide competitive pricing and first-class support for the services included in the RFP

RFP Engagement

Our RFP team will release the RFP to the selected vendors, run the Q&A session and respond to all inquiries and vendor requests.

Contract Negotiation

Upon RFP due date, our RFP team will conduct an analysis of vendors’ responses including scored and ranked specifications, pricing, technical capabilities, and contractual requirements and respond with clarifying questions to ensure a complete understanding of the vendors capabilities.

Vendor Selection

The RFP team will provide a report to management with the weighted scores and TelcoLynx vendor recommendations.  Together, we will determine the appropriate vendor for the project.

Solution Implementation

TelcoLynx project management team will stay involved in the project to ensure that the solution is implemented on time and within scope and budget.

Project Management

TelcoLynx provides pre-and post-sale support for every client project that we engage with. Our pricing and project management team is trained to provide pricing and place orders for every carrier product and service we support. Once the orders are placed, the project management team interfaces with the carriers to obtain critical installation information and updates the client contact on a regular basis.


TelcoLynx can be your one stop shop for all your equipment needs. We offer design, engineering, configuration and implementation services to help fulfill your equipment needs as well as straight drop ship services. Our competencies include:

  • Internet Telephony and VoIP Equipment
  • SD-WAN
  • LAN: Cisco, Juniper, Compellent, SANs and ADTRAN
  • Wireless/Mobility Routers
  • WAN Accelerators (Riverbed, Juniper, Cisco, Blue Coat)

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