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Today’s customers demand 24/7 access to communications channels, lightning-fast response times, and outstanding service. A customer-centric strategy gives contact centers a competitive advantage. As your trusted IT and telecom advocate, TelcoLynx can design and implement premium solutions for your contact center. TelcoLynx’ Contact Center Specialists have nearly 30 years of collective experience operating large-scale contact centers worldwide. We provide many strategic services to help your contact center expand, optimize, and excel.

On-Site Evaluations

TelcoLynx offers on-site contact center evaluations. Request an assessment of your operations and receive invaluable insight from leading experts in the contact center space. A TelcoLynx Specialist will survey your facility and deliver a comprehensive report. The report will give you actionable recommendations you can implement immediately.

Supplier Screening

The technology vendor landscape can mystify veteran contact center leaders. TelcoLynx’ Contact Center Specialists can radically simplify the supplier selection process. TelcoLynx partners with 150+ of the leading cloud and carrier service providers. Our team will screen suppliers on your behalf, guaranteeing the best fit for your contact center.

RFI/RFP Process Facilitation

RFIs and RFPs may be labor-intensive to compose, but they get results. Lean on the Contact Center Specialists at TelcoLynx. They’ll assess your contact center’s needs and draft the RFI/RFP documents with precision. Next, they’ll facilitate the process further by submitting the RFI/RFP directly to qualified suppliers in the TelcoLynx portfolio.

Business Processes Optimization

Efficiency drives contact center success. TelcoLynx specialists will identify optimal business processes and help you deliver on KPIs. They may also recommend strategic technology or a Contact-Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS) program, which enables features such as intelligent call routing and remote agent flexibility.

Customer Experience Enhancement

Exceptional contact centers stand apart because they have thoroughly mapped the customer experience journey. TelcoLynx’ Contact Center Specialists will lend their expertise to help you meet your CX goals. They will analyze industry-specific data and help you optimize each step of the customer interaction.

Best Practices Benchmarking

Customers expect varying service levels from the businesses with which they communicate. TelcoLynx’ Contact Center Specialists have benchmarked the ideal service level for various industries. They can help you track performance and develop specific metrics of success for your organization.

Workforce Management & Optimization

Savvy contact center leaders recognize when it’s time to upgrade from the spreadsheet to a more sophisticated workforce management platform. TelcoLynx’ Contact Center Specialists can help you identify and implement the ideal WFM software. They will visit your facility, analyze WFM data points, and configure the tools on your behalf. A powerful workforce management platform will optimize scheduling, forecasting, intraday management, and reporting for your organization.

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