VDI & DaaS

TelcoLynx works with all of the top Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) providers.  Whether you want to virtualize your desktop at your own data center or want the security and redundancy of a private cloud, we work with the top providers to provide your business with the expertise you need to achieve your desktop nirvana.

Features of DaaS:

  • Windows desktop in the Cloud
  • Web based portal for self-service management
  • PCoIP delivery protocol provides:
    • Seamless desktop user experience
    • Rich media content
    • Access to local USB peripherals
  • Built-in AV and Malware Protection
  • Access via client on Windows, MAC, IOS, Android, ChromeOS, or any web browser with HTML5 Support
  • Centralized access for configuration and application management
  • Integrate virtual desktops with your AD and application servers